Tina + Drew wedding photos at the Grand Concourse, Station Square, Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh

Tina and Drew met while they were working at the same company. They spent 2.5 years working together as colleagues and best friends. Drew was the first person Tina talk to in the day and the last before she went to bed. She didn’t want to admit it since they worked together but she felt he was something special. But eventually she fell in love and knew he was the one. Tina was Drew’s best friend for three years until he knew he could spend the rest of his life with her. Drew would like to add that he thinks she’s hot. They have a plant named Penelope that they talk to often. It is their test to see if they can keep something alive. Their last words: marry your best friend.

While vacation in Ocean City Maryland, Drew pretended to have found something with the metal detector. He yelled for Tina to come help him out. She kept digging until she pulled out her own engagement ring. The real miracle according to Drew is that he was able to pull this off without nosey Tina finding out.

Dress: Kelly Faentinini
Makeup: JL Makeup Studio and Beauty Boutique
Suit: Calvin Klein
DJ: Rocking Bob
Florist: Elizabeth Lombardi’s Memories in Bloom
Videographer: Lou DeAngelis
Officiant: DR Bledsoe