Q. What kind of photographer are you?

My clients often state that they love my mix of blended styles. They see my love for photojournalism and documentary photography. They see my creative, dramatic, and modern photography. Then they’ll see the traditional style that goes up on their parents’ wall.

Q. Who is your second photographer?

I have a wonderful network of experienced wedding photographers that I contract whenever I need a second photographer. I contract them to work with me two to three months before the wedding. You don’t get an inexperience 2nd shooter. They are lead photographers themselves, they can take over and lead the wedding if needed. I have been doing it this way for years and I usually work with the same 2-3 photographers.

Q. Do you have any restrictions?

One restriction I have is that I will not photograph on railroad tracks. Railroad tracks are private property, dangerous, and photographers have died on it. Regardless of it being inactive or abandoned, I will ensure YOUR safety as well as mine by refusing to photograph on railroad tracks.

Q. What do you charge for traveling and destination weddings?

It just depends on travel time and if I require to spend the night. For destination weddings, I charge at flat rate to the wedding package that will cover two nights hotel, car rental, and air fare. If the destination wedding is a place on my bucket list, then lets have a chat.

Q. We are both in the military. Can we reschedule/cancel if one of us gets deployed?

If you choose to reschedule the wedding, a new date can be chosen based on my availability. Proof of deployment will be required, the reschedule date must be within 1.5 years from the previous wedding date, and you will be required to sign a new contract for the new date. The reservation fee is still non-refundable regardless of reason for cancellation. If you choose to cancel the wedding due to the deployment, you will forfeit the reservation fee.

Q. Do you offer discounts? For the military, 2nd weddings, small weddings, off-season wedding?

I do not offer any discounts. What you see on my pricing page is what you pay.

Q. Do you have a full wedding coverage I can see?

Access to full galleries from previous clients are only made available after an in-person meeting. In the meantime, visit my Featured section and you will be able to see selected photos from an entire day.

Q. Do you have client reviews?

You can find us on The Knot and Wedding Wire.

Q. What do you wear to weddings?

I will never wear jeans to weddings. However, I do like to express myself through my clothes. I will always wear slacks, dress shoes, and a collar shirt. I may wear colorful bowties, ties, colorful socks, sometimes no tie/bowtie. I will always try to look professional. If you have traditional dress code, please let me know so I can dress accordingly.

Q. What is PPA and why are you a member of it?

PPA stands for Professional Photographers of America. It is a professional association established in 1869 for working professional photographers. What this means to you is that you can rest assured that I am a working professional and here to provide you a service.

Member, Professional Photographers of America
Man Nguyen Photography is a member of Professional Photographers of America

Q. Why is your logo a sun?

All cameras have a white balance setting for the Sun. My art is modeled after the sun logo on cameras. The Sun reminds me of warm feelings, happy thoughts, and beautiful scenery. I hope when you see my logo you can remember the wonderful experience you had with Man Nguyen Photography.

Q. Are there any organizations you support?

Man Nguyen Photography happily supports Pablove Shutterbugs. This charity provides photography workshops for children living with cancers. By teaching kids photography, we help develop their creative voice. It allows them to express themselves when words aren’t sufficient.

Booking process
Q. Will you hold a date?

I do not hold any dates.

Q. What is your payment policy?

I require a 30% reservation fee at booking. The reservation fee is non-refundable with no exceptions. Two payments are required after booking your date. 50% of the remaining balance is due 6 months before your wedding. The final 50% and sales tax are due 1 month before your wedding. 100% of payment is required before the wedding and is required to start the editing process.

Q. Do you collect sales tax?

In accordance with Pennsylvania state law, Man Nguyen Photography carries a tax license and collects sales taxes on all packages. Being within Allegheny County, I have to collect a 7% sales tax. The sales tax amount will be listed separately on the contract and invoice for your convenience.

Q. Our venue requires proof of liability insurance. Are you insured?

I can provide proof upon request.

Q. I am ready to book. What do I do next?

Contact me with your date and book an in-person, phone, or video chat meeting. We’ll need to see if we are a good fit together. From there, I will direct you to the next step!

Q. How can I pay?

Cash, check, money order, and credit/debit card. Checks are preferred and should be made out to Man Nguyen Photography. Credit/debit card can be used when paying an online invoice.

Leading up to the wedding
Q. What happens next after the booking process?

In the months before your wedding, several things happen. We’ll schedule the engagement session, I’ll send you payment reminders, I will send you the wedding questionnaire, and I will request a follow-up phone call. Engagement session scheduling is based on my availability and if it is included in your package. Payment reminders are based on the due dates listed on the contract, usually at the 6th month and the full payment due 1 month before the wedding. The wedding questionnaire is sent to you 1-2 months before the wedding. The follow-up phone call happens 2 weeks before the wedding.

Q. What if I need to contact you?

My contact information will be given to you after you book a date. You will be able to email or call me directly.

Q. Can I give you a shot list?

When I email you the wedding questionnaire, there will be an area for you to list your requested shots. Be aware, weddings are unpredictable, therefore, I do not guarantee all shots will be taken. The shot list is primarily used as a guide and I will make my best attempt to complete it all.

Q. Spray-on tan. Good idea or bad idea?

From my experience, bad idea. Spray-on tan stands out significantly in photos and makes the person look orange. My advice, get a real tan over spray-on.

Wedding day: Preparation
Q. When should I start wedding coverage during preparation?

I recommend a 2-hour max for preparation and coverage should start after hair and makeup is already done or close to being done. During this time, I will photograph rings, dress, shoes, and other accessories. Then I will focus on documenting the day. Most of the photos are taken during the last hour right before you head to the ceremony. This is when the bride puts on their wedding dress and this is usually when the groom is already done and heading to the ceremony.

Q. Is there anything we need to do in preparation for photos?

If you are still getting makeup and hair done, try doing it next to a large window for natural light. This goes the same for the guys. Try getting ready near a large window and keep the place clean of guy stuff.

Q. What do I need to do right before I put on my dress?

Ensure that your bridesmaid and parents are dressed so they can help you put on the dress.

Q. How do you photograph me putting on the dress?

I will step out of the room until you have stepped into your dress. Once you are in and covered, one of your bridesmaid will retrieve me and I will start photographing everything.

Wedding day: Ceremony
Q. What information do you need to know regarding the ceremony?

If there are any restrictions for the photographers. I will comply with all restrictions placed by the venue. Let me know if there is anything special about the ceremony. If you kiss in the middle of the ceremony, let us know about it. We may motion you to kiss again at the start of the recession.

Q. Anything we need to do regarding photography during the ceremony?

I will spend this time to document the wedding. I will not give you any directions unless I need you to do something. Pretend I am not around!

Wedding day: Portrait session
Q. Where should I take photos between the ceremony and reception?

A location between the ceremony and reception is ideal. I can help you find a location but the best way is for you to use Google Images or Pinterest and type in locations you have in mind then choose something to your liking. Ideally, a place with shade and not in direct sunlight would be great. Direct sunlight = dark shadow bags under your eyes. If direct sunlight is the only option, I can handle the situation using my own lighting.

Q. I want to do multiple locations. How will that work out?

Due to limited time, I suggest you keep it to 1-2 locations. More locations doesn’t equal to more photos. It is quite the opposite as we’ll be spending more time driving than photographing. Few locations will mean less stress and better quality photos.

Q. What do you do during the portrait session?

I will start with the entire wedding party. I will usually spend 10 minutes to do group shots and individual shots with the wedding party. Once that is done, I will spend majority of the time focusing on the bride and groom. My mentality is to get all the “must have” photos out of the way first. For example, standard portrait of bride and groom that parents will want to use to hang on their wall. Or the groom with each of his groomsmen individually. Once all of these are done, I will focus my efforts on creative shots. The more time we have the better.

Wedding day: Reception
Q. Anything we need to do during the reception?

Inform me of any special plans you might have e.g. dancing introduction. I will be setting up my lights in the reception area, photographing details, or waiting for the reception to start. I normally don’t take many photos during cocktail hour. I do not take photos of people eating.

Q. Do you do table shots of guests?

I do not do table shots unless it is requested. Majority of the time, the tables are not full and some of your guests are out and about. Your guests will be up walking, at the bar, going to the restroom, or dancing. Table shots takes my time away from documenting the wedding so I do not dedicate time to it unless requested to do so. I rather capture them naturally while they talk, laugh, dance, and have fun. If this is something you want, please state so in the wedding questionnaire.

Q. Do I need to provide the photographers a meal?

We will require a 45-minute meal break for coverage over 6 hours. This break usually will occur during the reception when the guests are eating. We do not take photographs during this time because no one wants photos of themselves eating. I would be grateful if you can provide a hot meal. If you are unable to provide a hot meal, we will go off-site to obtain a meal. No photographs will be taken when we are off-site. Please be aware that some venues will only give us low cost “vendor meals”, e.g. cold sandwich, regardless of whether you bought us a plate or not.

Q. Should I plan it so the photographer stays until the end of the wedding?

Unless you have a major event at the end of the night such as lighting lanterns or sparklers, there isn’t much reason to keep a photographer until the end of the night. Personally, I start to run out of things to photograph as the night goes on. And to be honest, photos gets worse as alcohol consumption increases. I recommend coverage to end 1-2 hours after speeches are done.

After the wedding
Q. When will I get my photos after the wedding?

I need to process the photos and to make sure the photos are perfect. I edit each one by one and manually. This painstaking task will take 4-6 weeks for me to complete.

Q. How many photos will I get from the wedding?

Expect between 500-700 photos overall.

Q. What rights do I have to the photos?

Included with your wedding package is a license to use your wedding photos for personal use. Personal printing rights will be included.

Q. What is the best way to remember my wedding?

I am often told that brides and grooms don’t remember anything about their day. If you want your memories to stand the test of time, consider a photo album.

Q. Do I get to choose the photos for my photo album?

YES! I want you to love your album and love the photo in it. You can mark your favorite photos through our online gallery. From those favorite photos, I personally design the album myself!

Q. How do you design the album?

Story telling format on white background. Look at my slideshow videos if you want to know what I mean by “story telling.” Also, I only design on white background. I don’t add designs to the background or use any templates. I don’t want anything distracting from your photos. Simple, clean, classy are what I strive for.